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Rochester Ceiling Texturing Services, Knockdown Textured Ceiling and Popcorn Ceiling Removal

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Knockdown Textured Ceiling

If you are looking for a company who specializes in the speedy and stylish application of ceiling textures, look no further than Artexsys Inc. Whether you’re looking to finish your home building project with the application of knockdown textures or do something different with your existing ceiling, we can help you. Call us at (877) 862-7839 today.

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Introduce Something Classic into Your Home with Ceiling Texture Services

In the past, the ceilings of Victorian and early 20th century homes weren’t ignored like they are today. They were seen as blank canvases for the homeowner to get creative with. That’s why walking into some old homes; you’ll see beautiful patterns and textures all over the ceiling.

These days, however, many homeowners simply ignore the ceilings of their bedrooms and living rooms. Old homes that were once filled with creative embellishments like textured ceilings and moldings are now modern and void of character.

Many who long to do something different with their home decide to add knockdown textures to their ceiling. And for those beautiful and stately textures, they call us!

We Are the Knockdown Ceiling Experts Who Guarantee Excellent Results

With us, you will never have to worry about a subpar application or unwanted stains all over the household. We know how to work quickly without sacrificing quality or without ever inconveniencing our clients.

With our competitive rates and meticulous application techniques, there really is no better choice.

We Provide All Clients with a Free Ceiling Texture Consultation!

We work with you the moment we get your first phone call. The best part? We don’t start billing you until after the initial consultation!

Knockdown Texture or Popcorn Ceiling? We Let You Decide!

It is your home, and this is your project. We are here to serve you in whatever way possible. Whether you are looking for orange peel textures, border-style textures, or the classic knockdown style, we are more than happy to oblige.

Did You Know You Can Reduce Construction Costs by Using Ceiling Paint?

When we apply knockdown textures, we can conceal the imperfections of speedy contractors you might’ve otherwise contacted a handyman to fix.

Alternatively, you can simply save yourself time and money during the construction process by letting your ceiling look a little imperfect. Once the knockdown textures are applied, those imperfections will disappear completely.

Our Ceiling Paint Is High-Quality and Safe for Your Home!

Our drywall, stucco, and ceiling paint are asbestos-free and perfectly suitable for any indoor area.

We Promise Fast Turnarounds on All Knockdown Texture Applications!

When we’re working on your ceiling, we’ll never work for long. Our expert planning skills and precise application processes ensure no setbacks and no mistakes.